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Hi my name is Elizabeth Sonter.

I have always loved fashion from an early age. It all started when I went overseas to visit my family in Portugal, my grand father was a tailor and he made me a pair of flared pants straight from the Saturday Night Fever & the Bee Gees era in 1977. I found this so amazing I started to make clothes for my barbie! My love for creating clothes had started, and I begged my mum to make me clothes to the design in my head, even though she was not a sewer!

When I started high school, and studied textiles and design, my love for fashion grew even more. I would spend my Saturdays creating a new outfit to wear that night, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't, but it didn't deter me, I just persisted. I was just like the girl from Pretty in Pink!! I would even make my little brother clothes to wear, and he did in my schools fashion parade. The girls all loved him, he looked so cute. When it was time for my formal, you guessed it, I made it myself and a couple of other girls' dresses too!

When I finished school I enrolled in tafe and did a 2 year course in fashion technology, and this is when I learnt the art of pattern-making and grading. I went on to work for Rain 'n Shine, grading in the design room and also The Australian Opera in the wardrobe department, putting together gorgeous pieces. I worked for many other fashion houses gaining much experience and knowledge which helped me to go out on my own and work as a freelance pattern maker.

When I started my business many years ago working from home, my 2 year old daughter Brittany (who's now 28), I found it a blessing for myself and for my little girl. She had her mummy around 24/7!  and I, I cherished those moments with my child, and also having the work that I loved. It was great that I was able to combine my love for pattern-making and fashion and also motherhood. 

I also have another daughter Madeline and a son Nathan, and along with my very supportive husband Miles who is now also in the business, we have expanded very steadily, and my passion for pattern-making still continues to grow, it is my retreat from the world, a place that I can go, to be creative and totally content.

Hope that you find fulfillment in all you do just as I have.


Elizabeth   xx

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